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Empowering the world’s top employers to cultivate resilient, thriving, and productive workplaces.

Workplace wellbeing training that actually makes a difference.

Traditional mental health awareness programs aren’t enough to make a lasting impact in workplaces.

That’s why we offer a wellbeing program that actually works. We provide your people with practical Mental Fitness training to build resilience and thrive in today’s high-pressure work environment.

Tackle stress, burnout and disengagement.

Our evidence-based Mental Fitness programs provide practical skills and actionable tools to better cope with the challenges of work and life. Our training empowers people to build their Mental Fitness, leading to improved wellbeing, productivity, and workplace culture.

Transform your best people into confident workplace wellbeing leaders and positive change agents.

Give your people the skills to support others, create effective teams, and become their personal best.

Give your people targeted skills to address modern challenges such as burnout, boundaries, connection and more.

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Practical. Engaging. Meaningful.

At Mental Fitness Hub, we are dedicated to innovative and evidence-based approaches to help organizations build a sustainable culture of wellbeing and performance. Our training programs are:


Beat stigma and disengagement. Even those skeptical of mental health initiatives can benefit from our relatable, hands-on approach to training and skill-development.


We focus on what employees can do today instead of just boring theories. We teach people how to embed practical life skills that improve retention, culture, resilience, and prevent burnout.

21st Century Relevant

Our programs train employees to deal with today’s real-life challenges, such as having conversations about mental health in a virtual environment, or making time for micro-recovery on busy days.


Anyone can improve their Mental Fitness the same way they can improve their physical fitness: by regularly participating in actions that build Strength, Flexibility, Endurance, and Team over time.


Consistent & Convenient

Our trainer-led online and in-person courses allow you to build a consistent Mental Fitness culture across locations and time zones, wherever your people are.

It's time to make wellbeing business as usual.

You have a responsibility to support the mental health and wellbeing of your people.

We can show you how to transform psychological risk into psychological safety, creating a work environment where employees and business outcomes thrive together.

Equip your emerging leaders with the knowledge, confidence and skills to understand and apply the skills of wellbeing every day.

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Develop powerful internal change agents with the skills to develop and maintain workplace wellbeing and resilience. 

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