Your Employees Matter.

Give them the preventative skills to take action together on workplace mental health.

Your Employees Matter.

Give them the preventative skills to take action together on workplace mental health.

Did You Know
By 2030, Roughly half of all sick-leave claims for physical health are actually related to mental health
Did You Know
Nearly 1 in 4 people will experience a diagnosable episode of mental ill-health every year. Many more are at risk or struggling with burnout.
Did You Know
Employee engagement surveys consistently show that unsupportive colleagues and managers are one of the leading contributors to stigma and delayed help-seeking.
Do you want to build a culture of preventative mental health and wellbeing at your workplace?
Discover how the science of Mental Fitness and our training courses can help
Do you want your workplace leaders to be able to create environments that proactively support the mental health of their staff and colleagues?
Discover our Certified Mental Fitness Champion micro-qualification
Do you want to prevent workplace burnout before people are exhausted, unwell or quitting?
Discover our range of workshop style skills sessions

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With our modern approach to Mental Fitness, there’s never been a more comfortable and engaging way to change your workplace wellbeing culture. Join us in changing how everyone feels about mental health.

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Return on Investment

Every dollar invested in mental health creates a return between 2-5%. Want to know how we help achieve this goal?

Reduction in Burnout

Employees are demanding action and change to reduce stigma and prevent burnout. Want to know how we help achieve this goal?

Train Leaders to Support Mental Health

Mental health is no longer a responsibility only for HR. Every leader has a role to play. Want to know how we help achieve this goal?

How Do We Do It?

We help organizations create mentally healthy workplaces for their employees using innovative techniques with our workplace Mental Fitness group training programs.


Explore our short 60 minute group virtual training workshops & presentations hosted by a live Mental Fitness expert.


Discover our in-depth and skill-based 4-hour group workshops to groups, teams and leaders facilitated by a live Mental Fitness trainer.

Become a

Let us help leaders in your organisation become Certified Mental Fitness Champions with our globally recognized qualification.

Transform your approach to mental health in the workplace

Who Are We?

We’re a team of Mental Fitness and wellbeing experts, researchers and trainers focused on bringing innovative, engaging and skill-based solutions and training to workplaces across the world.

We wrote the book on Mental Fitness – literally.

Our Mission

We want to put a Certified Mental Fitness Champion in every boardroom, meeting room and class room across the globe. 

By 2030, the WHO expects mental ill-health to be the number one cause of disability globally – even greater than heart disease or cancer.
Join us to change this.

“The feedback from the session was positive and we look forward to holding more sessions in the future.”

Lexi Woodward, Senior Executive, Omnicomm Media Group, Dubai

What People Are Saying About Our Team

“Thank you very much for your session from yesterday. I really enjoyed it and thought your workshop was great to get people involved in a positive way. The feedback already received was all positive including “the best workshop ever at PwC”

Sergio, HR Business Partner, PwC

“I thought I would share one piece of feedback that made it all worthwhile: “Attended the first session and it was a great intro! Very difficult to find balance on a topic like mental health in a group (particularly of colleagues) and he did an excellent job at making that accessible.”

Kiane O'Farrell, HR Business Partner, Accent Group Limited

Your questions, our solution.

We understand you may have questions about whether workplace Mental Fitness training is right for your people. Here are a few common questions we get asked.

Mental Fitness Hub offers the world’s leading virtual Mental Fitness training program for employees and leaders. We deliver our training through video-conferencing tools such as Zoom or MS Teams, and give you and your people ongoing access to our online library of Mental Fitness resources.

Mental Fitness Hub offers ‘workshop-style’ group Mental Fitness training programs to organizations across the globe. You choose which employees you want trained and with what skills, and our Mental Fitness experts deliver engaging and practical mental health training in the 21st century proactive language of Mental Fitness.

We offer three types of group Mental Fitness training programs for organizations.

Firstly, short, one hour keynote-style presentations to introduce larger groups to Mental Fitness. Secondly, four hour workshop-style training courses that help your people build specific skills. Thirdly, we offer a globally recognized and engaging mental health leadership qualification which we call Certified Mental Fitness Champions. If you’re looking for custom-designed mental health leadership training or group workshops simply get in touch with us.

Mental Fitness is the ‘how-to’ for understanding, protecting and improving mental health in a practical, engaging and non-stigmatized way. Just as most of take the time to invest in our physical wellbeing through goals and activities, so too we can develop our mental wellbeing in a similar way.

Mental Fitness Hub are the global leaders in the science and delivery of innovative mental health training that people want to be a part of. Our training and qualifications help organizations and their people learn the skills to drive cultural change around mental health at work, by making the topic of mental health relevant and empowering for everybody, not only those affected by mental ill-health.

Mental Fitness Champions are individuals within an organization who promote or ‘champion’ Mental Fitness practices and habits in their organizations or communities. Anyone with an interest in people and wellbeing can become a Mental Fitness Champion, and they play a critical role as visible points of contact for people who need support with their mental health or as partners to help promote workplace wellbeing initiatives.

First and foremost we are scientists. We measure where you and your people currently are, establish goals and objectives for where they want to go, and tailor their learning experience to suit their needs and lifestyle. Then we follow-up, and back everything up with the latest evidence-based resources.

Yes. Our workshops and training programs have been designed to meet the key needs of organizations, however we understand that every workplace is different. Simply contact us and we can have an obligation-free strategy to help you decide what’s best for your organization.

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