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Our 4-hour learning modules target the three key mental health awareness needs of organizations across the globe.

Take all three modules to complete our Certified Mental Fitness Champion program.

Module 1

Learn, apply and share the skills to recognise and support others with difficult life challenges or emerging mental health concerns.

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1st Feb & 8th Feb 2022
10:30 AM – 12:30 PM AEST

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Module 2

Learn, apply and share the skills and rituals that support great mental health including designing your own personalized 4-step Mental Fitness Circuit training plan.

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14th & 21th Feb 2022
10:30 AM – 12:30 PM AEST

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Module 3

Build on the skills from module 1 and the new habits from module 2 and apply positive Mental Fitness language and rituals to a group or workplace setting.

Next Open Session
28th Feb & 7th Mar 2022
10:30 AM – 12:30 PM AEST

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Discover how it works and find the best online mental health training program for you and your workplace.

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Transform Your Approach to Workplace Mental Health

Give your people the knowledge and confidence to understand, apply and share the skills they need to become trusted workplace mental health leaders.

Become a Mental Fitness Champion

Help your employees become “Certified Mental Fitness Champions” via our interactive and personalized online learning platform.

On completing all three modules you’ll be able to proudly call yourself a “Certified Mental Fitness Champion.”

If you’re short on time or not sure where to start, why not begin with a stand-alone module that suits your needs?

Each 4 hour online module is delivered in two 2-hour sessions through our custom-built online platform and video-conferencing tools.

Mental Fitness First Aid

Learn and apply our unique CARE system for initiating conversations and supporting the Mental Fitness of others in times of distress or crisis.

Mental Fitness Training Circuit

Discover the Mental Fitness Hub four-step solution for building greater resilience, stress tolerance and a high-performance mindset.

Mental Fitness Teams

Implement a Mental Fitness culture in your team with our unique LEAD system for inspiring your colleagues to pursue Mental Fitness.

Discover How It Works

What We Do

Mental Fitness Hub was founded by the world's leading Mental Fitness researchers, practitioners and workplace educators.

We deliver scientifically-backed Mental Fitness Champion certifications, on-demand and instructor-led mental health skills training for employees, and unique mental health resources for individuals and teams through our innovative online platform.

With our positive and proactive approach, we make workplace mental health practical, engaging and fun.

Become a Mental Fitness Champion

Our Approach

Discover Our Approach

The way we think about mental health is broken.

Mental Fitness Hub disrupts the traditional 'wait until it's too late' approach to workplace mental health by equipping you and your people with the life-long skills of Mental Fitness. 

Take your mental health first aid awareness training to the next level with our proactive, preventative and practical approach and become a Certified Mental Fitness Champion. 

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