Upskill Your People to Support Employee Mental Health

We help organizations create mentally healthy workplaces for their employees.

Improving mental health at work is a vital challenge for organizations large and small. Mental illness, burnout and chronic stress are on track to become the global #1 disease burden and cause of disability by 2030. We need to do something differently. 

Over the last decade, improved mental health awareness has begun to destigmatize those affected by mental ill-health. Collectively, we’ve become better at changing attitudes and supporting those in need. However, there are still far too many people falling through the cracks, at risk of mental ill-health, or disengaged from an active relationship with their own wellbeing. 

 That’s why Mental Fitness is the solution to making mental health and wellbeing more relevant to everyone by giving them the skills they need for life.  

Practical and preventative mental health training

Train your employees, managers and HR leaders with the language and skills to change the conversation about mental health in the workplace.

Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness

Mental Fitness

Because It's Easier When You're Fit.

Understanding and applying Mental Fitness skills can provide a proactive, preventative approach to creating positive mental health.

But we know how discouraging it is when you want to take action and care for others, but instead are held back by stigma, reactiveness, lack of engagement or competing priorities.

The journey to change paradigms, create new habits and even start real conversations about mental health and wellbeing in the workplace has been difficult – until now.

Proactive & Preventative Mental Health Training Workshops

Our instructor-led training programs are designed to give you and your people flexibility in how you discover the vital skills of Mental Fitness. Whether you're looking for a short session, a half-day workshop, a Certified qualification or something else, we can help.

Mental Fitness Champions

Employers and managers continue to feel out of their depth to understand and protect employee mental health in the workplace.

Certified Mental Fitness Champions are leaders in your organization with an interest in supporting the mental health of others and promoting positive mental health practices at work.

Mental Fitness Conversations

Equip your employees and leaders with the skills to notice, respond to, and support colleagues experiencing stressful life situations, those at risk of burnout, or those facing potential mental health issues.

Mental Fitness Circuit

Equip your employees, managers and leaders with the practical skills to design their very own personalized Mental Fitness training plan.

Mental Fitness Teams

Equip your workplace leaders with the knowledge, confidence and practical skills to proactively create positive and inclusive team cultures that support rather than undermine mental health at work.

Workplace Wellbeing Workshops

Sometimes you just want to get started on promoting mental health at work. Let our experts give your employees vital insights to protect their mental health on topics such as sleep, nutrition, resilience, stress management, time management, healthy online habits and more.

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Training Mental Fitness Champions in Every Boardroom, Classroom & Clubroom

Founded by world-leading Mental Fitness researchers, practitioners and educators. Our online mental health training and resources aim to destigmatize mental health in the workplace, redefine what mental health truly means, and empower people to invest in their Mental Fitness like never before.

Our vision is a Certified Mental Fitness Champion in every boardroom, classroom and clubroom across the globe.

Getting your people on board with mental health doesn't have to be hard work

Knowing the language is half the battle when it comes to implementing effective mental health awareness in your workplace.

That’s why we’re proud to offer the world’s most practical, interactive and scientifically-validated Mental Fitness training experience.

We’re proud to be Mental Fitness Champions, and you and your team can be too.

Together, let’s reimagine how leaders approach mental health awareness and training in the workplace.

It's Time To Transform Your Approach to Mental Health In The Workplace

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