Focusing on prevention helps you discover and reduce workplace mental health issues before they arise.

did you know?

1 in 4 people will experience an episode of poor mental health in a given year

1 in 4 people will experience an episode of poor mental health in a given year. Many more are at risk of burnout at work, or struggling with chronic stress.

Due to the stigma attached to mental health, many people have been unable to develop the practical skills to cope proactively with life’s setbacks, uncertainties and traumas.

Equipping employees and their leaders with the skills to support themselves and others is the key to changing the way we talk about and take action on mental health.

Helping employees recognize the signs of mental ill-health or distress in colleagues and supporting them to take action.

Building the resilience and stress-tolerance skills of workers in a fast-paced and uncertain environment.

Equipping managers with the knowledge, motivation and skills to bypass stigma and make good mental health a team priority.

What are the three key challenges organizations face?

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How We Can Help?

We provide workplace training for your managers and employees so that they have the necessary skills to understand and know how to address mental health, prevent burnout, and support their colleagues across your organisation.

We help your organization discover and apply the science and skills of Mental Fitness through our leading group mental health training programs.

Our shorter expert-led seminars are ideal for lunch & learn sessions, regular team building or mental health and wellbeing awareness training. 

Our instructor-led online courses help you meet the three key wellbeing challenges faced by organizations. Each of our courses contributes toward becoming a Mental Fitness Champion.

Our Certified Mental Fitness Champions program gives your mental health advocates, HR leaders, and team managers a proactive, practical and globally relevant mental health skillset.

want to become a mental fitness champion?

Organisations seeking more in depth understanding & wish to change their workplace culture, we offer 4-Hour Mental Health Group Training Courses

Led by Mental Fitness experts, our 4-hour training courses guide you through a practical skill-set so you and your team can apply Mental Fitness knowledge and habits at work & home.

Discover how to proactively support others in a fast-paced hybrid world.

Apply the skills of Mental Fitness to invest in your own mental health.

Inspire your team to become proactive and comfortable with mental health.