Mental Fitness Champions

The Challenge

Improving mental health awareness in the workplace, tackling stigma, support others with emerging mental health concerns, and overcoming workplace burnout culture are important but difficult to implement priorities in organizations.

In most organizations, these important responsibilities fall to HR. However, often these initiatives fail to impact ‘everyday life’ for employees and managers in the business. Many employees or managers feel ill-equipped, unqualified or lacking in confidence to speak openly about mental health and promote change.

The Solution:

Research suggests that having employees and managers with specialist mental health training and skills helps reduce mental ill-health stigma, promote behaviour that protects mental health, and encourages employees to speak openly about both mental health and mental ill-health.

In particular, having visible wellbeing champions or mental health advocates across the organization helps broaden the team responsible for mental health awareness and supporting those with emerging mental health challenges at work.

Who Is This Training For?

The Certified Mental Fitness Champions Course is for employees, managers and wellbeing leaders who want to understand and apply the science of Mental Fitness to their organization and add the role of mental health or wellbeing champion to their day job.

You could be a Human Resources leader looking for more practical tools to promote mental health awareness, an Employee Resource Group Leader or mental health advocate, or a line manager who wants to remain ahead-of-the-curve regarding their knowledge and skills around leading mental health.

What You’ll Be Able To Do

At the conclusion of this course, participants will have completed each of Mental Fitness Hub’s three 4 hour workshops and have the skills to support others, design and implement a Mental Fitness training plan for themselves, and implement a strategy to role out a Mental Fitness team culture in their team environment.

With these skills to hand, participants will be well equipped to promote proactive mental health awareness in the workplace, and will receive a transferable and globally recognized mental health leadership qualification. Participants will receive resources for sharing their new skills with their colleagues and on social media, as well as receive an official certificate of attainment.

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Additional Course Information

Length: 4 hours (12 Hours for Champions)

Delivery: In person group via video-conference

Participants: The ideal workshop size is roughly 15-25 participants

Cost: Contact us to arrange a quote

Our Group Training Courses for Workplaces

The key to preventing mental health challenges for individuals without a diagnosis of illness is to acquire and apply the skills of resilience, stress management and Mental Fitness in a practical, non-stigmatized and growth-oriented way. Learn the new way.

Beating stigma, supporting others, and promoting action to seek help and change are skills front-line employees and line-managers can develop through an evidence-based Workplace Mental Fitness Training Program.

The solution to building teams of sustainable wellbeing and performance involves articulating and implementing a team-based culture that allows employees to bring their whole-selves to work. Learnr new group solutions.