Equip Yourself with the Knowledge, Resources & Tools You Need to Stay Healthy and Perform in Every Area of Your Life

In this 4-hour online training, you’ll learn our 4-step F.E.S.T. model to build and strengthen your own Mental Fitness skills. Learn daily rituals & habits to become more resilient, confident and prepared for whatever challenges come your way.

Why This Course

The 21st Century Approach to Build Habits and Skills to Protect Your Mental Health

Improving and maintaining your physical fitness is a concept that’s drilled into most people from a young age. We’re required to participate in P.E. during our school years, we’re encouraged to join sports teams, and the media inspires us to be more active to promote good health and overall wellbeing. 

So we know the importance of staying on top of our physical fitness, even if we don’t always do as much as we’d like to. But what about our Mental Fitness? 

What is the Mental Fitness Circuit?

The Mental Fitness Circuit is your battle-plan for staying healthy and productive in a complex and uncertain world. You’ll discover the activities and science-backed rituals that suit you, your situation and your lifestyle, so that you’ll feel equipped and fit to tackle your goals and challenges head-on.

What You’ll Learn

Mental Fitness Circuit — will walk you step-by-step through our unique F.E.S.T. model for maintaining, building and strengthening your own Mental Fitness so you can achieve optimal performance in every area of your life.

Course Outcomes

Mental Fitness Circuit is about more than just a repetition of self-help cliches. It’s a practical, science-backed and life-long set of skills you’ll apply to integrate the thinking-patterns, activities and habits of Mental Fitness into your daily life, no matter how much time you’ve got.

How it Works

Getting started improving your Mental Fitness is simple. All of our training courses are 100% online, delivered live in small learning-groups by two highly qualified instructors, and presented through a combination of video conferencing and a customized online learning platform. Here’s how to get started right away…


Decide if you’ll complete the certification as an individual or group. If you're selecting a group, we can help you with internal communications to help engagement.


Select the training timeblock that works best for your - or your team’s - schedule. Don’t see a time that works for your team? Contact us to arrange private training courses for your organization.


Confirm your selection. Will you start with one of the courses, or will you become a Certified Mental Fitness Champion and complete all three?


That's it! Now we'll help get your staff and management team on board by positioning your training goals and communicating “what’s in it for them” with provided materials.

Not sure whether you should get certified or start with a singular training course? Contact us! We’ll help you find the training that best suits your goals.

Who is This Training For?

We use technology, story-telling and inspiring language to re-imagine how you take action on mental health.


For mental health advocates, team managers and human resource leaders who want to take a more proactive and preventative approach to building Mental Fitness awareness, skills and resources across their organization.


For teachers, principals and counselors who want to train and prepare their staff with the tools they need to manage the inevitable Mental Fitness challenges and setbacks of daily life while inspiring lifelong positive habits and healthy coping skills.

Community Groups

For coaches, captains, trainers and club leaders who want to break the stigma surrounding mental health and better support the health and highest performance of their team-mates, colleagues and support staff – both on and off the field.


For individuals who want to learn how to better identify, address and support the Mental Fitness of their friends, families, coworkers and peers whilst equipping themselves with the tools and resources they need to support their own optimal Mental Fitness.

What People Are Saying About Our Team

I thought I would share one piece of feedback that made it all worthwhile – “Attended the first session, and it was a great intro! Very difficult to find balance on a topic like mental health in a group (particularly of colleagues), and you did an excellent job at making that accessible.”

Kiane O’Farrell, HR Business Partner, Accent Group Limited

The course was fantastic and so very inspiring. The quality and relevance of the course content was excellent. The presentation of the course was amazing, honest and very user friendly. Overall, the course was very practical and important for my role.

Brenda Duggan, Educator

We recently partnered with Hadleigh for an initiative created to support employees affected by COVID-19. It was a course on how to strengthen Mental Fitness and optimism during this uncertain period we are facing. The feedback from the session was positive, and we look forward to holding more sessions in the future.

Lexi Woodward, Senior Executive, Omnicomm Media Group, Dubai


Completing Mental Fitness First Aid takes 4 hours. This is usually completed in 2 x 2-hour sessions spaced roughly one week apart.

Becoming a Certified Mental Fitness Champion includes 12 hours of live face-to-face group discussion and learning. This training is divided into three 4-hour courses, with each course divided into two 2-hour sessions generally run one week apart.

Individuals who complete all three courses are eligible to become Certified Mental Fitness Champions.

While each individual course consists of practical and relevant knowledge and skills, completing one course only does not lead to certification.

Complete all three courses to become a Certified Mental Fitness Champion. Mental Fitness Champions are certified by Mental Fitness Hub to become proactive workplace Mental Fitness leaders. Participants who complete all three courses will receive both a physical and digital Mental Fitness Champion Certification. 

For individuals, completing Mental Fitness Circuit costs $299AUD (including GST). For organizations, costs vary depending on your group size. Please contact us for a custom quote.

For participants who complete all three courses to become Mental Fitness Champion, the price is $749 AUD (including GST). This includes 12 hours of face-to-face training with two expert Mental Fitness trainers, ongoing exclusive access to the Mental Fitness Hub Online Resource Library, and, of course, your very own Certified Mental Fitness Champion certificate. 

Our online training is conducted in small-groups of up to 20 people which is the ideal learning environment for deep discussion, experience sharing, and engagement.

Although we’re highly trained Mental Fitness experts, our sessions are not therapy or coaching. We are scientists, researchers, and educators. What we’ve done is take the confusing world of workplace mental health research and integrate the science and practice of Mental Fitness to creative practical and reliable tools and resources to help you and your workplace. 

Our public course times are listed on our Book A Course page, and we are always adding more to the schedule, so if you don’t see a timeslot that works for you, contact us so we can find something that does. Private sessions are also available upon request for workplaces and larger groups, so simply send us an email and we’ll find a day and time that works for you.

We offer courses in two formats.

Our open courses are open to the public, which we run at set times each month. These courses are ideal if you are an individual or small group looking to participate in our courses, become a Mental Fitness Champion, or try out our training before rolling it out at your workplace. Sign up on our Book a Course page.

Our private courses are for larger groups and organizations who might want a specific date and time for training or customized content. These courses are not open to the public and will only have selected participants enrolled.  You can either sign up using our Book a Course page or you can contact us to discuss further details.

That’s great! Our training has a few key differences, which we’d love to share with you.

First, our training is more focused on everyday life challenges and supporting people with common everyday mental health challenges rather than focusing mainly on uncommon crisis situations.

Secondly, our training is designed for the 21st-century environment. We understand that there are new challenges in a world where we are always digitally connected and the lines between work and home are blurred.

Thirdly, our training focuses more on recovery and practical support than other training programs. Our courses teach you how to play an active role in changing your mental health and provide you with practical and evidence-based tools that last a lifetime.

Our Mental Fitness Circuit course is an excellent way to learn the daily rituals and habits to become more resilient, confident and prepared for whatever challenges come your way.

If you’re someone who wants to take action on mental health at home or at work, but aren’t sure how, then this course is for you.

If you’re someone who wants to be more proactive rather than reactive about mental health, then this course is for you.

If you’re looking for ways to inspire people with practical tools to support mental health and wellbeing, without stigma, this course is for you.

Mental Fitness Hub online mental health training is ideal for workplaces, schools and community groups that want to do more to support employee mental health, and to take action in a more proactive and preventative way.

Our online training is enjoyed by team leaders, line managers, supervisors, new starters, teachers and principals, sports club coaches and support staff, as well as individuals who simply want to be more knowledgeable about mental health, and equipped with the skills to make a difference.

Anyone who cares about good mental health and wellbeing can become a Certified Mental Fitness Champion.

Absolutely. One of the things we wanted to improve was the support and reference tools for Champions when they face difficult or uncertain situations. All Certified Mental Fitness Champions as well as participants in individual courses will have ongoing access to the online Mental Fitness Resource Library.

First, there is our online Mental Fitness Resource Library with articles, worksheets, videos and case studies of how to approach various situations.

Secondly, there is our online community, where our team and experienced Mental Fitness Champions provide support and coaching through difficult situations.

Finally, we are building a range of digital services, apps and other ways to support people as they support others, support themselves, and support their teams.

Unfortunately not.

Whilst completing one of our three training courses individually gives you relevant and practical knowledge and skills, becoming a Certified Mental Fitness Champion requires completing all three courses.

You can complete one course and do the remaining two later, as long as you complete the remaining courses within one year of completing your first course.

Yes – within reason.

Although not ideal that you won’t be completing your course with the same cohort of people, we can accommodate you in alternative courses if you contact us.

Great question. This is the paradigm shift in workplace mental health awareness that makes Mental Fitness so inspiring and valuable. While it’s likely that a number of employees are potentially struggling in silence, it’s also important to engage people to understand mental health when they don’t feel like it’s a problem. 

In fact, the best time to work on your fitness is when you’re feeling good, so you can build and protect your psychological and emotional resources for the future.

Absolutely not! You will not be learning the “power of positive thinking,” how to “manifest your dreams” or “balance your chakras.”  Everything we do at Mental Fitness Hub is evidence-based, meaning that we only use credible scientific research to support our courses. You will never find self-help content or unproven “good ideas” here. We are a team of scientists, and we only recommend things that have been shown to work through rigorous academic research.

For individuals, you can register for one of our open public courses easily through our online booking system and choose the time slot that fits your schedule. To register, click here

For groups and organizations, you have the option to register for one of our open public courses by registering all participants during the booking process, or feel free to contact us and book a private session at a time and date that works for you

Once you have completed the three courses and associated course requirements, you will be issued your Certified Mental Fitness Champion Certificate and have the right to use the Certified Mental Fitness Champion Badge in all digital communications.

All Mental Fitness Hub trainers are experienced Mental Fitness presenters, psychologists, trainers and coaches  with a solid understanding of mental health and Mental Fitness. In fact, many of our trainers have formal qualifications in psychology, mental health and Mental Fitness. Every trainer is required to complete our Mental Fitness Hub Trainer Program where we evaluate their knowledge and presentation skills to ensure that they meet our rigorous standards.

Ready to Start Your Mental Fitness Circuit?

Not sure if this course is for you? Consider another one of our inspiring mental health courses.

Maybe you’d like to complete all three Mental Fitness training courses so you can become a Certified Mental Fitness Champion – ready to take on a greater and more impactful role in your workplace, school or community group.

Congratulations! You’ll be leading the way for real and lasting mental health change.

Discover how to proactively support others in a fast-paced hybrid world.

Apply the skills of Mental Fitness to invest in your own mental health.

Inspire your team to become proactive and comfortable with mental health.