Mental Health vs. Mental Fitness

It’s no secret that mental health has become an increasingly important topic, and even more so when a global pandemic threw the world into chaos. Poor mental health rates are on the rise, with more people struggling to cope with the challenges of modern life.

What’s more, the health system is failing to keep pace, supporting not only people with mental illness, but also those with minor or short-term distress. Workplaces are no exception, and in some cases are actually part of the problem.

Our world needs a proactive and preventative approach to workplace mental health awareness that…

Encourages people to seek support earlier,

Educates how to offer support while protecting your own mental health, and

Fuels a desire to build your resilience skills before challenges appear.

This is where leaders have the privilege and responsibility to inform, inspire and drive change within their team so they can then show up each day as the best version of themselves – wherever that may be.
The term ‘Mental Fitness’ overcomes the stigma that has made approaching mental health in the workplace so complex.
Our mission is to inspire people to develop a more proactive relationship with their mental health, shifting their approach toward growth, prevention and purpose.

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