The Impacts of a Mentally Fit Workplace

Increase your profits

Mental Fitness has become a savvy investment for
some of the world’s largest businesses who have
reported an impressive return on investment (as
high as $6 for every $1 invested) by investing in
practical, engaging, and meaningful mental health
initiatives for their employees.

Boost productivity

Good mental health is key for productivity and sustainable performance. Research shows that employees who work in Mentally Fit workplaces take fewer days off, stay at companies longer, and are more engaged and productive while at work.

Become an employer of choice

Employees who feel cared for and supported at work are more engaged and productive while at work. They report deeper connections with colleagues and the company’s vision, values and objectives. They also cope better with stress, burnout, uncertainty, and change.

Our Impact

Our training has left an indelible mark on customers. With a 90% of our participants reporting that they felt they had the skills to build resilience, our Mental Fitness training proves transformative. A remarkable 100% affirmed they acquired valuable, applicable skills, to use in the workplace and in everyday life.

Our flexible Mental Fitness training programs are designed to develop practical skills that make Mental Fitness a routine part of ‘business as usual’. Give your people actionable skills to support personal, interpersonal, and organisational wellbeing. Discover the skills that support individual resilience, connection and supporting others, and psychologically safe team cultures.

Skills to build resilience

Give your people relevant and practical resilience skills to cope better with stress, uncertainty and change.

We focus on building emotional intelligence, stress management techniques, and fostering a growth mindset. By equipping employees with these tools, we enhance their ability to navigate challenges, adapt to change, and maintain peak performance in the dynamic workplace landscape.

Foster stronger teams

Our Mental Fitness Training empowers teams to thrive by instilling positive energy habits, facilitating effective communication in challenging situations, and fostering collaboration through strengths-based feedback. These skills collectively contribute to a resilient and high-performing team dynamic in today’s dynamic work landscape.

Strengthen leadership

Give your leaders the skills to make Mental Fitness a part
of business as usual, without sacrificing performance and
financial results.

Our Mental Fitness training equips leaders with enhanced communication skills for stronger connections, how to encourage flexibility and inclusivity, and teaches early detection of burnout and stress signs.

Elevate organisational wellbeing

Drive change across the whole organisation or one team
at a time and roll out training in practical life and wellbeing
skills that meets your people where they are.

Elevate your organisation with our training that helps to enhance psychological safety and staff retention. Our program tackles absenteeism, presenteeism, and burnout, fostering a resilient workplace. By empowering individuals, you can create a culture where employees thrive, making your organisation a hub for talent and wellbeing.

Foster a psychological safe workplace

By equipping individuals with emotional intelligence, stress management, and communication skills, it cultivates an environment where employees feel secure, valued, and encouraged to express themselves authentically, fostering a culture of trust, collaboration, and innovation.

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