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Revolutionizing Workplace Wellbeing with Mental Fitness

The Mental Fitness Hub is a collaboration between Appli and Resilience Agenda, two of the world’s leading Mental Fitness research and workplace education organizations. Together, we embody a shared mission to transform how organizations can support mental health and contribute to sustainable wellbeing and performance at work.

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Transforming Mental Health in the Workplace

Research tells us that the average person spends more than 90,000 hours of their life at work. We also know that over 50% of people are diagnosed with mental health problems at some point during their lifetime. 

However, most people only seek help once they’re in crisis. We saw an opportunity to make a difference by focusing on preventing illness and promoting wellbeing in one of the places where people spend the most time – at work.

Collaborating with Global Experts for Proactive Mental Wellbeing

Our founders collaborate with global experts passionate about changing the workplace mental health paradigm. Together, we are committed to fostering a more proactive mindset towards mental wellbeing.

As the Mental Fitness movement has grown, we’ve been busy collaborating with experts from fields such as diversity & inclusion, public health, business strategy, positive education, leadership development, learning & development to evolve the science and practice of Mental Fitness.

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Innovative Solutions for a Thriving Workforce

Our R&D program is led by our Co-Founder and Chief Science Practitioner, Dr. Paula Robinson, the only researcher in the world to have scientifically developed the concept of Mental Fitness for psychological wellbeing. Dr. Robinson’s groundbreaking work has been instrumental in shaping our approach to promoting mental health in the workplace.

Together with our team of global experts, we create innovative workplace training solutions that support employees and leaders to proactively address mental health concerns and promote optimal individual functioning.

Enhancing Resilience & Performance Through Mental Fitness

Today, the Mental Fitness Hub is dedicated to helping organizations improve workplace wellbeing, organizational development, and employee resilience by providing resources and strategies based on the science of Mental Fitness and positive psychology.

Our focus on Mental Fitness emphasizes that like physical health, mental health can be improved by regularly engaging in activities that foster positive habits of mind. 

These practical skills can be taught, improved, and help employees build resilience, enhance personal performance, and strengthen relationships, leading to increased employee engagement, productivity, and a positive workplace culture.

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Join the Movement

Invest in Mental Fitness for Your Organization

Join us in our mission to have a Certified Mental Fitness Champion in every boardroom, meeting room, and classroom across the globe. 

It’s time to invest in the Mental Fitness of your workforce, fostering a more resilient and thriving organization. Contact us today to learn how the Mental Fitness Hub can help your organization prioritize mental health and wellbeing. 

Together, let’s shape the future of workplace mental health.

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