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Group training for greater resilience, retention & performance

We can give your employees the skills to create meaningful positive change at work and in life. 

Workplace training that helps your team cope better, perform better, and live better.

Our evidence-based Mental Fitness programs provide practical skills and actionable steps to better cope with the challenges of work and life. 

Our flexible Mental Fitness training programs are designed to develop practical skills that make Mental Fitness a routine part of ‘business as usual’. Give your people actionable skills to support personal, interpersonal, and organisational wellbeing.

Our Mental Fitness Training offers a flexible rollout strategy. Begin with presentations to raise awareness, progress through to workshops, and give your people recognition for their training efforts with an accredited certification. Our training is exclusively conducted by experts in Mental Fitness, ensuring enhanced engagement and learning.

Our training, whether in person or through webinars, cultivates a profoundly collaborative learning atmosphere over digital platforms, enriching the learning experience and adding substantial value to our participants.

Mental Fitness Presentations

Perfect for events, lunch and learns, and awareness.

We offer a selection of employee Mental Fitness, resilience & positive psychology presentations that help reduce stigma and raise awareness. One presentation is a good start, while a year of consistent learning and habit-building can make a genuine difference.
Plan out a series of sessions that suits your schedule & budget.

Mental Fitness Workshops

Dive deep into specific skills that improve resilience, connection and prevent burnout.

Our flexible training workshops are designed to develop practical skills that make Mental Fitness a routine part of ‘business as usual’. Discover the skills that support individual resilience, connection and supporting others, and psychologically safe team cultures.

Certified Mental Fitness Champions Accreditation

Develop Internal Workplace Wellbeing Leaders and Champion good mental health throughout the workplace.

Participants who complete all our training workshops can proudly earn certification, a validation of their commitment to Mental Fitness and a source of pride in their professional development journey.

Transform your team members into confident workplace wellbeing leaders. Our Mental Fitness Certification program equips employees with the knowledge and practical skills to promote positive mental health, develop psychological safety and foster a culture of support within your organization. This comprehensive 14-hour certification will give your people the power to create and sustain meaningful change in your workplace. 

Not sure which program is right for you? We can help.

Why choose us?

At Mental Fitness Hub, we are dedicated to innovative and evidence-based approaches to help organizations build a sustainable culture of wellbeing and performance. Our training programs are:

We wrote the book on Mental Fitness

Our chief scientist Dr. Paula Robinson is the leading global authority on Mental Fitness, pioneering its concept through rigorous research. We base our training on solid theories and research, using science to shape our approach.


We focus on what employees can do today to take a more preventative approach to mental health. We teach habits how to embed Mental Fitness actions and skills to improve retention, culture, resilience, and burnout.

We’ve walked in your shoes before

Our global team has diverse expertise inside a vast number of organisations like yours, we understand your challenges. We combine practical insights with scientific knowledge to ensure powerful outcomes for your organisation.


Rather than seeing mental health as something to treat, our model takes a more positive approach by adapting and applying the language of ‘fitness’ to mental health.


Consistent & Convenient

Our live online courses allow for building a consistent Mental Fitness culture across locations and time zones.

Workplace wellbeing isn't about what you know. It's about what you do.

Quick mental health workshops and annual wellbeing events aren’t enough to create a culture of wellbeing.

Investing in Mental Fitness is more than simply preventing people from becoming unwell. Truly innovative companies are focusing on ‘human sustainability’. They understand that workplaces can prevent illness while promoting actionable skills that lead to better performance, healthier relationships and greater happiness.

Mental Fitness Conversations online group discussion

Learn more about creating a mentally fit workplace

The Importance Mental Fitness in the Workplace

Understand the power of Mental Fitness and why it is being used by some of the world’s most innovative organizations.

Mental Fitness Champions

Develop powerful internal change agents with the skills to develop and maintain workplace wellbeing and resilience. 

Mental Fitness Resources

Learn how the science of Mental Fitness can help you gain competitive edge on the Mental Fitness Hub Blog. 

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