Certified Mental Fitness Champions Program

Make Mental Fitness & Resilience Business as Usual

Develop internal Champions with the confidence and skills to create and sustain Mental Fitness for themselves, their colleagues, and their teams.

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Don't Just Talk about Mental Fitness.

Live it. Learn it. Embed it.

Many workplaces have good intentions to tackle mental health at work. They offer workshops, hold wellbeing events, and engage an EAP provider.

But, with time, these initiatives often fade away, or don’t produce the results you expect. 

For positive and sustainable change, workplaces need a strategic approach that brings accountability, consistent communication, adequate resources, and a culture that wholeheartedly embraces wellbeing.

Our Certified Mental Fitness Champions Program develops internal Champions with the confidence and skills to create and sustain Mental Fitness for themselves, their colleagues, and their teams.

Leave a legacy of positive change that leads to a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce for years to come.

Make Mental Fitness Stick for the Long-Term

The Certified Mental Fitness Champions Program is a 14-hour interactive trainer-led course giving your people the confidence and skills to create and sustain Mental Fitness for themselves, their colleagues, and their teams.

Our expert trainers will guide your employees through our 4 short courses Mental Fitness Conversations, Mental Fitness Circuit, Mental Fitness Teams and How To Be A Mental Fitness Champion. 

Employees will gain new skills that can be implemented immediately throughout the program. 

Certified Mental Fitness Champions Program Details

Delivery: In-person workshops and live interactive sessions via Zoom

Duration: 14 hours plus online certification assessment

Designed for: Senior Executives, Managers, Team Leaders and Line Managers, HR Leaders and Staff, OH&S Staff, pre-existing Mental Health First Aiders, employees of all levels

Certified Mental Fitness Champions Program

Course 1

Course 2

Course 3

Course 4

Certified Mental Fitness Champions Program
How To Be A
Mental Fitness Champion

Complete All 4 Short Courses to Become a Certified Mental Fitness Champion

Certified Mental Fitness Champions Program

Create the World's Best Workplace for the World's Most In-Demand Employees

Today’s savvy, high-performing employees know that they deserve a workplace that sees them as a person and not a number. They also know that organizations can help people become happier and healthier while increasing the bottom line.

Great employees are now setting their sights on innovative companies that understand that mental health is more than free snacks and yoga breaks. They want to belong to workplaces that care about their wellbeing in an authentic and meaningful way.

They don’t want to just talk about Mental Fitness, they want to live it.

Attracting and retaining top talent takes innovation, effort and commitment. If you want to rise above your competition, we can show you how with our Certified Mental Fitness Champions Program.

Benefits for Your Workplace

Increased Employee Resilience

Certified Mental Fitness Champions equips employees with the tools to navigate challenges, bounce back from setbacks, and adapt to change, fostering greater resilience in the face of adversity.

Improved Performance & Productivity

When employees have strong Mental Fitness, they can better manage stress, stay focused, and perform at their best, resulting in enhanced productivity, efficiency, and quality of work.

Reduced Burnout

Building Mental Fitness helps prevent and manage burnout, as employees develop strategies to maintain a healthy work-life balance, set boundaries, and effectively manage stress levels.

Less Depression & Anxiety

Applying evidence-based Mental Fitness Actions from the Mental Fitness Model has been shown to decrease clinical levels of depression and anxiety. 

Enhanced Personal Wellbeing

By investing in Mental Fitness, employees experience improved overall wellbeing, leading to increased happiness, life satisfaction, and fulfillment.

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Ongoing Support & Customization

Our job is to help you implement and sustain wellbeing simply and effectively. We will provide you with:

  • A dedicated account manager to provide you with guidance and support
  • Post-training follow-up to ensure continued skill implementation and behavior change
  • Customizable case studies and content to address client-specific topics
  • Implementation tools and resources to implement and sustain new practices
  • Ongoing access for you and your people to the Mental Fitness Hub Online Resource Library

Promote Personal Mental Fitness & Resilience

Contact us today to help your people gain skills to feel good and function well more often.

A Word from our Clients

What People are Saying about the Mental Fitness Hub Team
“Attended the first session, and it was a great intro! Very difficult to find balance on a topic like mental health in a group (particularly of colleagues), and you did an excellent job at making that accessible.”
Kiane O'Farrell
HR Business Partner, Accent Group Limited
“The course was fantastic and so very inspiring. The quality and relevance of the course content was excellent. The presentation of the course was amazing, honest and very user friendly. Overall, the course was very practical and important for my role.”
Brenda Duggan
“We recently partnered with Hadleigh for an initiative created to support employee Mental Fitness and optimism during uncertainty. The feedback was positive, and we look forward to holding more sessions in the future.”
Lexi Woodward
Senior Executive, Omnicomm Media Group, Dubai

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