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Targeted employee training to tackle modern work challenges

Address work related challenges head-on. We can give your people practical skills to overcome specific hurdles like stress, burnout and change.

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People forget 90% of what they learn in a workshop within 1 week.

We have a better approach to training and development.

Building long-term Mental Fitness is about cultivating effective habits.

Unlike traditional workplace wellness programs that focus on knowledge alone, we believe in the power of micro-actions and daily habits to make a real difference.

Our evidence-based workshops offer practical and relevant skills that anyone can integrate into everyday life. We call these skills Mental Fitness Actions – the building blocks of resilience and wellbeing.

Don’t waste your time and money on generic wellbeing presentations that fail to make a difference. Empower your employees with real skills they can use in real-time, resulting in improved wellbeing, enhanced productivity, and a positive workplace culture.

Let us help you unlock the potential of Mental Fitness for your organization.

Interactive skills-based training for modern work-life challenges

We offer a selection of employee Mental Fitness, resilience and positive psychology workshops for high-performing workplaces.

All of our Mental Fitness Microskills training are led by highly trained Mental Fitness instructors. Our interactive training is delivered live, online or in person.  

Browse a selection of our most popular workshops below. If you don’t see what you are looking for, get in touch with our team.

Micro-Recovery: Master the Habit of Wellbeing When Time is Short

Is your team feeling overwhelmed and short on time and energy?

Connection & Belonging: Reinvesting in Authentic Connection After COVID-19

Struggling to get your team back to the office and working together?

The Power of Habit: Protect Your Wellbeing with Daily Rituals

Is your team finding it hard to make health and wellbeing habits stick?

Digital Nutrition: Designing a More Sustainable Relationship With The Online World

Are you and your team spending too much time online, feeling distracted and unfocused?

Mental Fitness Meetings: Smarter Strategies to Manage Energy and Beat Meeting Fatigue

Does your team dread meetings because they drain people's energy and waste people's time?

More Than Happiness: Crafting a Life That Matters at Work and at Home

Does your team need an extra dose of motivation to get them through a tough time?

Leading with Mental Fitness: How to Conduct a Strengths-Based Performance Review

Do your leaders need support retaining and motivating talent?

The Juggle: Strategies for Integrating Work, Parenting & Wellbeing to Reduce Stress

Are your return-to-work parents struggling to balance work and child-care responsibilities?

Food & Mood: What Science Tells Us About Improving Our Focus, Energy & Performance

Does your team need a new approach to health and wellbeing that's totally new?

Resilience: Bouncing Back & Leaping Forward Through Change & Uncertainty

Does your team effectively deal with setbacks and rapid change?

Reframing & Perspective: Master the Art of Turning Everything to Your Advantage

Do your colleagues spend too much time focusing on 'what's going wrong' rather than finding solutions to problems?

Mastering Time: Reassessing Time Management in the Context of Wellbeing

Do your people feel like they're on the verge of burnout and never seem to have enough time?

Not sure which workshops are right for you?

We can help.

We have more than 20 years of experience in developing workplace Mental Fitness and wellbeing programs. We can help you determine the best programs for your workplace. We can even help you design an annual workplace mental health training and development plan.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Let us develop a custom program for your employees.

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