Resilience: Bouncing Back & Leaping Forward Through Change & Uncertainty

The Challenge:

Work and life offer us complex, unexpected and stressful challenges to deal with. Being able to cope adequately, remain productive, and find solutions is an essential component of wellbeing. The problem is that recommendations to ‘improve resilience’ are often met with resistance by people who believe that needing to ‘train their wellbeing’ implies they have a problem or are inadequate. As a result, it is common for people to overlook training the protective factors that science shows can help us deal effectively with the modern world and workplace.

The Solution:

The solution for how to avoid being overwhelmed by chronic stress and unexpected change is to develop resilience. While most of us are naturally somewhat resilient, resilience is a skill that can be learnt. Effective resilience building is about inspiring people that no matter how resilient you already might be, there are ways and reasons to become more resilient. Through the lens of Mental Fitness, we show you how building resilience can become an enjoyable and meaningful everyday habit.

What You’ll Be Able To Do:

By adopting a learning mindset toward resilience, you’ll discover how rather than being something you either have or don’t have, resilience is something that can be built, trained and replenished over time. You’ll feel less overwhelmed by high workloads and rapid change, apply skills to identify, prevent and manage chronic stress, and ultimately be able to take on more responsibility, contribute more, and feel better equipped to deal with problems.

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