More Than Happiness: Crafting a Life That Matters at Work and at Home

The Challenge:

The pursuit of happiness, comfort and wellbeing is often assumed to be a right and a legitimate goal in people’s lives. However, the pursuit of happiness often leads to people becoming less happy, less well and less productive as they prioritize pleasurable experiences at the expense of meaning, purpose and growth in their lives.

The Solution:

The solution for how to become happier at work is to focus on a fuller approach to happiness. This approach involves using the best positive psychology, wellbeing science and high-performance strategies to more effectively enjoy pleasure, find flow in using our strengths, and find meaning and purpose in connection, contribution and adverse circumstances.

What You’ll Be Able To Do

At the end of this session, you’ll have a greater appreciation for the elements that contribute to a satisfying, meaningful and healthy life, and be equipped with the self-awareness, mindset, and tools to apply them. You will likely find greater purpose in your work and personal life, feel less overwhelmed, and respond more effectively to setbacks.

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