Digital Nutrition: Designing a More Sustainable Relationship With The Online World

The Challenge:

With more and more people spending time online, the effects of information overload on our focus, attention and productivity are only growing. Unfortunately, much of the common wisdom for how to navigate overwhelm and minimize distraction in the online world is simply bad or impractical advice.

The Solution:

The solution to information overload and digital distraction is to develop a more mindful, moderate and meaningful relationship with technology, not digital detoxes. Drawing on parallels with the way we consume food, Digital Nutrition provides a framework for thinking about how and why we engage with information online, and helps us put in place practical and realistic boundaries between the online and offline worlds.

What You’ll Be Able To Do

At the completion of this session, you’ll have a roadmap for applying Digital Nutrition in your own life. You’ll understand how excessive online consumption contributes to anxiety, overwhelm and low productivity, and be in a position to take a more considered and deliberate approach to how you spend your time online.

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