Reframing & Perspective: Master the Art of Turning Everything to Your Advantage

The Challenge:

Adversity, negative events and life situations can impact an individual’s ability to remain healthy, focused, and productive, especially when already at risk of poor mental health or undergoing significant change. It is common for individuals to develop the habit of interpreting unexpected or negative events in catastophic terms. The result is that stress multiplies, solution-finding is delayed or inhibited, and wellbeing and performance outcomes suffer.

The Solution:

The solution to feeling anxious, overwhelmed and unable to cope involves learning and applying the valuable skill of cognitive reframing. The skill involves taking a subjectively negative situation, and reinterpreting it in more helpful and solution-oriented ways. Rather than merely ‘looking on the bright side’, reframing is a key life skill that allows a person to be fully accepting of a negative situation, but also helps them pivot toward productive and purposeful thinking and behaviour.

What You’ll Be Able To Do:

On completion of this course, you’ll possess a series of handful mental models to interpret, frame, and find solutions for existing and future life challenges and changes. You’ll have the skills to turn negative events into opportunities for learning, growth and meaning, while at the same time learning to understand and value the impact of change on your values. Ultimately, you’ll reduce stress and feel more equipped to handle change and setbacks.

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