Micro-Recovery: Master the Habit of Wellbeing When Time is Short

The Challenge:

Chronic stress, burnout and overwhelm are today rife in today’s fast-paced work-force. At the same time, people report that they don’t have sufficient time or resources to maximize their self-care and to replenish their energy levels.

The Solution:

Feeling better doesn’t always require large chunks of time we may not have. The solution to how to stop feeling overwhelmed is a concept known as ‘micro-recovery’. Evidence shows that understanding and applying quick, easy and regular performance-enhancing rituals throughout the day can reduce stress and maximize feelings of self-efficacy.

What You’ll Be Able To Do

At the conclusion of this session, you’ll have discovered the best evidence-based tools for applying micro-recovery concepts into your life and work. You’ll feel more energetic, focused and productive throughout the day.

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