The Power of Habit: Protect Your Wellbeing with Daily Rituals

The Challenge

Making important lifestyle and behavioural changes can be hard work in a fast-paced and busy world. Most people who set goals to make changes revert back to old behaviours within weeks. The problem is that willpower and motivation are limited and unreliable methods for getting things done.

The Solution

The sustainable solution to making important changes and cementing a personal culture of high performance is through rituals, habits and systems. Instead of relying on ‘how you feel’ to drive change, applying the science of habit-formation helps you adopt and keep desired behaviours, and to slowly turn these habits into automatic rituals that you do instinctively.

What You’ll Be Able To Do

At the conclusion of this session, you’ll understand how to create healthy, sustainable and productive habits that make a major difference to your health, wellbeing and productivity. You’ll be able to set, monitor and track personal goals more effectively, and understand what you need to do to make important changes in your own life.

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