Connection & Belonging: Reinvesting in Authentic Connection After COVID-19

The Challenge:

Isolation, loneliness and feelings of disconnection from others are a growing source of mental health challenges for individuals as well as a source of employee burnout, disengagement and low productivity at work.

The Solution:

The solution to motivating employees to return to the office after COVID-19 is to build a sense of community, connection and belonging at workplaces. The key is to give people the knowledge and tools of how and why connection and belonging promote engagement, trust, team-building and high-performance. At the same time, we need to acknowledge the major structural changes that have occurred since COVID-19 began.

What You’ll Be Able To Do

At the conclusion of this session, you’ll exhibit a new appreciation for the science and long-term benefits of connection and belonging, and how you can foster both without overwhelming yourself. Work will feel more meaningful, as you use your strengths, help others, and contribute in new and exciting ways. Outside of work, you’ll have a clearer picture of who is on your team in life, and whose team you are on.

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