Mental Fitness Meetings: Smarter Strategies to Manage Energy and Beat Meeting Fatigue

The Challenge:

If you feel like meetings are a major roadblock to your productivity, you are not alone. Though necessary, many workers find meetings to be a source of stress, like an unwanted guest in the middle of an already busy day.

The Solution:

The solution to long, ineffective and back-to-back meetings is for leaders and participants to understand the science of attention, creativity, motivation and energy so that the right topics, perspectives and objectives are given priority during a meeting. With our Mental Fitness Meetings framework, we give anyone who needs to organize a meeting the skills to lead and participate more effectively.

What You’ll Be Able To Do

At the completion of this session, you’ll have the skills to run and more effectively attend team meetings at work or in your community. You’ll discover the skills to effective meeting preparation, understand techniques for keeping meetings on track, shorter, and more creative. Ultimately, you’ll feel like you have more time and less stress throughout your workday.

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