The Juggle: Strategies for Integrating Work, Parenting & Wellbeing to Reduce Stress

The Challenge:

Despite the plethora of tips and tricks around what it’s like to have a family for the first time, most people remain unprepared for what life is like. This is especially the case when workers return to work and struggle to balance the delicate juggle between fulfilling essential work responsibilities and contributing effectively at home. This challenge often leads to stress, poor wellbeing habits, and conflict both at home and at work.

The Solution: 

The solution to feeling overwhelmed by juggling parenting and work responsibilities is to successfully manage personal and external expectations while at the same time prioritizing wellbeing and healthy habits. Prioritizing wellbeing, clearly communicating with line managers, and effectively sequencing life goals can help to minimize frustration and overwhelm.

What You’ll Be Able To Do:

At the completion of this session, you’ll understand the pitfalls, challenges and options available to you as you manage your time, wellbeing, and workload during a difficult time of life. You’ll develop the knowledge, confidence and skills to communicate more clearly with your manager and spouse. You will also be able to apply techniques and habits to make time for wellbeing despite a busy schedule, learn strategies to deal with poor sleep more effectively, and learn tools to avoid becoming overwhelmed during periods of change or intense stress.

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