Leading with Mental Fitness: Strengths Based Performance Reviews & Feedback

The Challenge:

The number one reason employees leave employment is not pay or conditions. Instead, it is the quality of their relationship with the immediate line manager. At the same time, levels of employee engagement continue to disappoint. The way managers understand concerns, prioritize workflow, and communicate feedback with employees is often at the heart of this problem.

The Solution:

One evidence-based solution for how to motivate productive employees is to incorporate the science and tools of strengths-based leadership into ‘business as usual.’ This means running 1:1s, offering more regular performance reviews, involving employees in goal-setting and task management, and communicating in ways that bolster employee motivation.

What You’ll Be Able To Do:

At the conclusion of this session, you’ll understand and be able to apply three key strengths-based leadership tools so that you inspire motivation and purpose in your employees rather than resentment. You’ll have the skills to more effectively recognize employee strengths, recognize contributions, and foster a team dynamic that promotes sustainable performance, higher levels of discretionary effort, and lower levels of burnout.

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