Food & Mood: What Science Tells Us About Improving Our Focus, Energy & Performance

The Challenge:

Sub-optimal nutritional is a vital contributor to low energy levels, poor focus, and chronic health conditions. New research is also demonstrating how our modern food habits and food environment also contribute to poor levels of mental health. However, encouraging people to make appropriate lifestyle changes in a confusing and marketing-driven world is difficult.

The Solution:

The solution to better nutrition and increased energy is to understand and apply key principles of sustainable performance rather than simply following the advice of fad diets. In particular, it is vital to understand that what and how we eat can have immediate impacts on how we feel and perform, beyond the impact on our weight level or appearance. Emerging evidence suggests that particular practices can impact mental health either quickly and preventatively.

What You’ll Be Able To Do:

At the conclusion of this session, you’ll understand the science of what works for mental health and nutrition, and how to shop, cook and eat in ways that support sustainable performance. You’ll discover principles for making food decisions, discover the importance of habits and defaults, and be feel equipped to interpret nutrition media with a more critical eye.

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