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Group training programs that gives your people actionable skills to support personal, interpersonal, and organizational wellbeing. 

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Skills Based Training for Mentally Fit Workplaces

Give your team the tools they need to thrive. Our Mental Fitness short courses offer targeted group training that enables individuals to support others effectively, build high-performing teams, and reach their personal best. Each of our interactive short courses are tailored to engage employees of all levels in developing crucial skills for a thriving workplace. Our Mental Fitness short courses are 4-hours, offered in two engaging live, online sessions. 

Mental Fitness Conversations

Cultivate a Psychologically Safe & Supportive Workplace

Give your employees the skills to support each other. Mental Fitness Conversations cultivates meaningful and supportive relationships that leading to a healthier and happier workplace. This course goes beyond the basics of Mental Health First Aid, giving people the tools to create psychologically safe workplaces. 

Mental Fitness Circuit

Build Personal Wellbeing & Resilience

Anyone can learn pratical and actionable skills to improve their personal Mental Fitness Resilience and performance. This course will give your employees life changing skills to improve their quality of life – at work and at home. Unlock the science of Mental Fitness to feel good and function well, more often. 

Mental Fitness Teams

Create a Positive & Productive Workplace Culture

Every employee, regardless of their role or level, has the potential to influence workplace wellbeing, productivity, and retention. Give your employees the skills to create an environment that recognizes success, values input, promotes teamwork, and prioritizes Mental Fitness. From new staff to senior executives, this course will teach anyone how to become a positive leader.

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Why choose us?

At Mental Fitness Hub, we are dedicated to innovative and evidence-based approaches to help organizations build a sustainable culture of wellbeing and performance. Our training programs are:


Even those skeptical of mental health initiatives can benefit from our relatable, hands-on approach to training.


We focus on what employees can do instead of boring theories. We teach how to embed skills to improve retention, culture, resilience, and burnout.

21st Century Relevant

Our programs train employees to deal with today’s real-life challenges, like having conversations about mental health in a virtual environment.


Anyone can improve their Mental Fitness the same way they can improve their physical fitness: by regularly participating in actions that build strength, flexibility, endurance, and team over time.


Consistent & Convenient

Our live online courses allow for building a consistent Mental Fitness culture across locations and time zones.

Workplace wellbeing isn't about what you know. It's about what you do.

Quick mental health workshops and annual wellbeing events aren’t enough to create a culture of wellbeing.

Investing in Mental Fitness is more than simply preventing people from becoming unwell. Truly innovative companies are focusing on ‘human sustainability’. They understand that workplaces can prevent illness while promoting actionable skills that lead to better performance, healthier relationships and greater happiness.

Mental Fitness Conversations online group discussion

Learn more about creating a mentally fit workplace


Understand the power of Mental Fitness and why it is being used by some of the world’s most innovative organizations.


Develop powerful internal change agents with the skills to develop and maintain workplace wellbeing and resilience. 


Learn how the science of Mental Fitness can help you gain competitive edge on the Mental Fitness Hub Blog. 

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