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Business success is more than strategy or innovation—it’s about your people.

Unfortunately, many workplaces struggle with low trust, untapped strengths, low engagement, and a culture that often undercuts rather than uplifts its members. These challenges hinder productivity and harm employee morale and retention.

The science of positive psychology shows that the most successful companies have a culture of collaboration rather than intimidation. Innovative workplaces use Mental Fitness team training to cultivate an environment that recognizes success, values input, promotes teamwork, and prioritizes wellbeing.

Positive leadership is not just a top-down phenomenon. Every employee, regardless of their role or level, has the potential to influence workplace wellbeing, productivity, and retention. It’s a powerful reminder that leadership lies not in a title but in actions that uplift and inspire others.

Inspire, lead, and succeed. Let us show you how.

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Inspire Engagement, Creativity & Collaboration

Mental Fitness Teams is a 4-hour live virtual interactive course tailored to engage employees of all levels in developing crucial skills to shape a positive workplace culture. Our expert instructors will guide your employees through four comprehensive modules that will give your people practical tools to take action right away.

Mental Fitness Teams Course Details

Delivery: In person and live virtual interactive sessions via Zoom

Duration: 4 hours

Designed for: Executives, Senior Management Leaders, HR Leaders and Staff, WHS Staff, Managers and Team Leads, Mental Health First Aiders, Employees of all Levels

Mental Fitness Teams


Building Trust & Collaboration


Leveraging Strengths for Peak Performance


Enhancing Meaning & Engagement


Cultivating Positive Culture & Climate

Culture is Everything.

Culture is just “how we do things around here.” Culture impacts employee satisfaction, performance, and retention. It sets the tone for how people interact with clients and colleagues.

Your culture is your reputation. 3 out of 4 prospective employees say they will consider a company’s culture before applying. 

Don’t let your organization’s most valuable asset – your people – feel undervalued or overlooked. Empower your team to shape a culture that attracts and retains the world’s best talent.

Benefits for Your Workplace

Higher Engagement & Performance

Mental Fitness Teams helps employees recognize and leverage their strengths allowing them to feel more confident, engaged, and satisfied with their work.

Increased Teamwork & Collaboration

Applying Mental Fitness team skills improves trust and communication at work creating an environment of support, belonging and collaboration. 

Greater Job Satisfaction

Employees that to align their work with their own interests, goals, and values have a higher sense of meaning at purpose at work. They report greater job satisfaction and are more likely to stay at the organization.

Reduced Psychosocial Safety Risk

Mental Fitness team skills enable healthy and safe workplaces by building a climate of psychological safety and caring, which has been shown to mitigate psychosocial hazard such as workplace bullying.

More Effective Recruitment

Organizations with a mentally fit workplace culture develop a reputation as an employer of choice, attracting both customers and high-quality candidates in a competitive talent market.

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Ongoing Support & Customization

Our job is to help you implement and sustain wellbeing simply and effectively. We will provide you with:

  • A dedicated, live contact person to provide you with guidance and support
  • Post-training follow-up to ensure continued skill implementation and behavior change
  • Customizable case studies and content to address client-specific topics
  • Implementation tools and resources to implement and sustain new practices

Unlock Your Team's Potential

Contact us today to help your people shape a culture that everyone can be proud of. 

A Word from our Clients

What People are Saying about the Mental Fitness Hub Team
“Attended the first session, and it was a great intro! Very difficult to find balance on a topic like mental health in a group (particularly of colleagues), and you did an excellent job at making that accessible.”
Kiane O'Farrell
HR Business Partner, Accent Group Limited
“The course was fantastic and so very inspiring. The quality and relevance of the course content was excellent. The presentation of the course was amazing, honest and very user friendly. Overall, the course was very practical and important for my role.”
Brenda Duggan
“We recently partnered with Hadleigh for an initiative created to support employee Mental Fitness and optimism during uncertainty. The feedback was positive, and we look forward to holding more sessions in the future.”
Lexi Woodward
Senior Executive, Omnicomm Media Group, Dubai

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