Mental Fitness Hub is a team of global experts dedicated to creating meaningful change around mental health.

We train you & your people to be proactive, not reactive.

We all have mental health, but not everyone understands why it’s relevant to them right now.

Historically, mental health has been overlooked until something goes wrong. Here’s where we come in: You don’t need a problem to get started with improving your mental health.

At Mental Fitness Hub, we make mental health relevant to everyone in your organization, from employees and teammates to managers and leaders, because it’s easier when your team is fit.

We help workplaces become a beacon of positive change, providing you with scientifically-backed resources to navigate the workplace mental health maze so your people gain practical skills to use in everyday life.

Because together, we can put…

A Mental Fitness Champion in every boardroom, classroom & clubroom across the globe.

We wrote the book on Mental Fitness – literally.

Inspired by research from the world’s leading Mental Fitness expert Dr. Paula Robinson, we help you approach mental health differently and re-imagine its role in the workplace.

Meet Our Team

Mental Fitness Hub is a partnership between the world’s leading Mental Fitness researchers and workplace educators – Appli and Resilience Agenda.

Our Leadership Team

Dr. Paula Robinson – Cofounder

Hadleigh Fischer – Cofounder

Nichole Walker – Cofounder

Board Members

Mental Fitness Hub is proud to be guided by the Appli Board, valued directors of Appli and their associated projects.

Professor The Hon Stephen Martin

Appli Chairman of The Board

Professor Jane Burns

Appli Board Member

Dr. Lee Styger

Appli Board Member

Professor Ken Dillon

Appli Board Member

So Why Mental Fitness Hub?

We created the Mental Fitness movement to help you and leaders around the world redefine mental health in the workplace.

Overcome Stigma

We know it can be hard to start talking about mental health in a relevant, engaging and proactive way. That’s why we created Mental Fitness Hub. So you can inspire your people towards good mental health habits with our ground-breaking research, innovative training approach, and world-leading support resources.

Engage the Hard-to-Reach

We all have mental health. That’s why we use the inclusive, positive and empowering language of Mental Fitness to engage your entire workforce.

Supporting Remote & Remote Workplaces

It looks like the hybrid model of working from home and the office is here to stay. That’s where our flexible online training courses help you build a Mental Fitness culture across multiple locations or time-zones.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

We’re not going to solve the workplace mental health crisis by being reactive. Instead, we need to become proactive and give people the relevant knowledge, skills and confidence to take care of their mental health each and every day, and to understand how to support those around them.

Real Measurable Results

The Mental Fitness Online Resource Hub supports our scientifically-valid training courses with ongoing resources, digital tools and engaging content that can help people continue to work on their Mental Fitness how they want and when they want.

21st Century Relevant

Our certifications and mental health training courses give you and your people the skills to handle sensitive mental health conversations over email, social media and video-conference to meet people where they’re at.

Understand the ROI

We know the top-brass want results. We give you measurable results, tangible outcomes and help you make informed choices about where to invest your scarce wellbeing budget.

Hub Benefits

We use technology, story-telling and inspiring language to re-imagine how you take action on mental health.


Discover our world-leading approach for how to effectively communicate about mental health over email, text or video in the modern hybrid workplace.


More than a presentation, our mental health training modules offer interactive ways to bring Mental Fitness to life including videos, games, apps, case studies and ‘real life’ discussions.


More than a presentation, our mental health training modules offer interactive ways to bring Mental Fitness to life including videos, games, apps, case studies and ‘real life’ discussions.

No Labels

We all have mental health – use the skills and benefit from our platform, whether someone has a mental illness diagnosis or not. It doesn’t matter.


Enjoy unlimited access to the content-rich Mental Fitness Online Resource Hub with regular up-skill training, Mental Fitness resources, and community support.